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Sue Civil-Brown. The Prince Next Door
Название: The Prince Next Door Автор: Sue Civil-Brown Аннотация:When Serena Gregory's clot ...
Valerie Parv. The Prince and The Marriage Pact
Название: The Prince and The Marriage Pact Автор: Valerie Parv Аннотация:HE WAS A PRINCESi ...
Майя Блейк. The Price of Success
Название: The Price of Success Автор: Майя Блейк Аннотация:Owner of the Espiritu racing te ...
Anne Oliver. The Price of Fame
Название: The Price of Fame Автор: Anne Oliver Аннотация:Hiding from the paparazzi…in a se ...
CAROL MARINELLI. The Pregnant Registrar
Название: The Pregnant Registrar Автор: CAROL MARINELLI Аннотация:A family worth waiting f ...

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Элизабет Торнтон. Брачная ловушка
Название: Брачная ловушка / The Marriage Trap Автор: Элизабет Торнтон / Elizabeth Thornton Аннотация: Герой битвы при Ватерлоо и знаменитый дуэлян ...
Ирина Мазаева. Тетрис с холостяками
Название: Тетрис с холостяками Автор: Ирина Мазаева Аннотация: Женщина бежит, мужчина ее догоняет – вот старый проверенный способ благополучно дом ...
Элизабет Адлер. Богатые наследуют. Книга 2
Название: Богатые наследуют. Книга 2 / The Rich Shall Inherit Автор: Элизабет Адлер / Elizabeth Adler Аннотация: В этой книге читатель найдет окон ...
Мэхелия Айзекс. Хижина в раю
Название: Хижина в раю Автор: Мэхелия Айзекс Аннотация: Четыре долгих года Родриго Маркес ждал, чтобы отомстить молодой очаровательной англичанке, ...
Тереза Вейр. Лики зла
Название: Лики зла Автор: Тереза Вейр / Theresa Weir Аннотация: Когда Ларк случайно нашла в пруду труп убитой женщины, она еще не догадывалась, чт ...

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Abigail Gordon. The Police Surgeon's Rescue     Современные любовные романы
Abigail Gordon. The Police Surgeon's Rescue

Название: The Police Surgeon's Rescue

Автор: Abigail Gordon

Аннотация:Working for GP and police surgeon Dr. Blake Pemberton is a close a brush with the law as Nurse Helena Harris ever wanted.Then she finds herself testifying against a gang who threatened her father's life. Blake is determined to protect Helena, and she finds herself falling for the courageous doctor. But can she persuade him to trust her with his heart?


Jacqueline Diamond. The Police Chief's Lady     Современные любовные романы
Jacqueline Diamond. The Police Chief's Lady

Название: The Police Chief's Lady

Автор: Jacqueline Diamond

Аннотация:No One Knew Her Side Of The Story…When Dr. Jenni Vine fled Los Angeles, she was trying to escape the taint of an old scandal. Luckily, most of the folks in small-town Downhome, Tennessee, seemed willing to give the lady doc the benefit of the doubt and were thrilled to have a glamorous outsider in their midst.Except For A One-Man Judge And Jury…Police chief Ethan Forrest liked his town peaceful, and he made it clear that the newcomer's dubious credentials–blond surfer girl in designer duds, and alleged home wrecker–put her at the top of his least-wanted list.But once Jenni starts caring for his motherless son, the lawman would swear on a stack of Bibles that she's not the heartbreaker type. Except, she's driving him wild!Downhome Doctors: First-rate doctors in a town of second chances


Michele Dunaway. The Playboy's Protegee     Современные любовные романы
Michele Dunaway. The Playboy's Protegee

Название: The Playboy's Protegee

Автор: Michele Dunaway

Аннотация:Cats And Dogs, Oil And Water… Harry And MeganTricked! This time Harry Sanders's matchmaking grandfather had gone too far. Assigning Harry to be a mentor in the family company was bad enough–but the old coot had paired Harry with his nemesis, the one woman guaranteed to blow the cagey playboy's cool. Megan MacGregor's know-itall attitude made him see red even as the hint of white lace beneath her boring blazer drove him wild. Megan was smug, starchy…and sexy enough to steal a man's soul.Harry had to play up his bad-boy bachelor image. Because nothing seemed to annoy Megan more. And if they ever stopped arguing and started kissing, Harry just might propose a merger of the most dangerous, permanent kind…


Sandra Marton. The Playboy’s Unexpected Bride     Современные любовные романы
Sandra Marton. The Playboy’s Unexpected Bride

Название: The Playboy’s Unexpected Bride

Автор: Sandra Marton


Anne Fraser. The Playboy of Harley Street     Современные любовные романы
Anne Fraser. The Playboy of Harley Street

Название: The Playboy of Harley Street

Автор: Anne Fraser


Sherryl Woods. The Pint-Sized Secret     Современные любовные романы
Sherryl Woods. The Pint-Sized Secret

Название: The Pint-Sized Secret

Автор: Sherryl Woods

Аннотация:She was beautiful, intelligent…and possibly a corporate spy! Yet the more Jeb Delacourt «investigated» geologist Brianna O'Ryan, the more he felt her secret was not professional but personal…and the faster she made his pulse race.Her daughter was all that mattered to Brianna. And unnervingly sexy Jeb was getting too close to uncovering what the single mom had tried to keep hidden. But stolen kisses and midnight embraces soon had Brianna wondering if it was time to risk everything for love…


Linda Castillo. The Phoenix Encounter     Современные любовные романы
Linda Castillo. The Phoenix Encounter

Название: The Phoenix Encounter

Автор: Linda Castillo

Аннотация:Agent: Robert DavidsonMission: Pinpoint exact location of the missing agent in Rebelia.Deepest Secret: He's never recovered from the horror of watching the woman he loved die.Robert Davidson thought he could handle returning to Rebelia, the war-ravaged country that nearly cost him his life–and had cost him Lily Scott, the passionate journalist he'd fallen in love with. But nothing could have prepared him for the shock of finding Lily still alive–with a child.With Lily's and her son's life in danger, Robert must set aside his jealousy–and desire–in order to protect the only woman he's ever loved. But Lily has one more secret–which will change his life forever.


Lori Borrill. The Personal Touch     Современные любовные романы
Lori Borrill. The Personal Touch

Название: The Personal Touch

Автор: Lori Borrill

Аннотация:When matchmaker Margot Roth is hired to find a date for the mother of a playboy millionaire, an erotic fling is the last thing on her mind.Well, maybe not the last thing. Clint Hilton is the sexiest man she's ever met, and she has to admit naughty things go through her mind when he looks at her with his sultry eyes. But now that Clint is there to turn her fantasies into reality, Margot isn't sure if giving in to temptation is the best idea-even if he's determined to share his bed with her. . . or something more.


Rebecca Lang. The Perfect Treatment     Современные любовные романы
Rebecca Lang. The Perfect Treatment

Название: The Perfect Treatment

Автор: Rebecca Lang

Аннотация:Intending to be a family doctor, Abby Gibson was presently doing her hospital training, and was thrilled to discover she would be working with Dr. Blake Contini, who had an excellent reputation.Thinking this would be a purely professional relationship, she was astonished by her reaction to Blake. But although it was obvious from his warm manner that Blake liked her, something was stopping him from offering more than friendship…


Caroline Cross. The Paternity Factor     Современные любовные романы
Caroline Cross. The Paternity Factor

Название: The Paternity Factor

Автор: Caroline Cross

Аннотация:SHANE WYATT WAS MORE THAN A MAN He was dad to a dimple-cheeked two-year-old – but not by blood. A pediatrician's visit had proved that fact, rocking Shane's world and forever changing the way he viewed women. He didn't trust anyone – not with the precious child who called him Da-da, and certainly not with his heart… .JERRY ROSS WAS ALL WOMAN…and undeniably, irrevocably in love with the stubborn single dad. So when she saw her larger-than-life hero distancing himself from both the world and his baby girl, she knew she needed to break down his walls to reach the fiercely passionate man trapped inside… .



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