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Sue Civil-Brown. The Prince Next Door
Название: The Prince Next Door Автор: Sue Civil-Brown Аннотация:When Serena Gregory's clot ...
Valerie Parv. The Prince and The Marriage Pact
Название: The Prince and The Marriage Pact Автор: Valerie Parv Аннотация:HE WAS A PRINCESi ...
Майя Блейк. The Price of Success
Название: The Price of Success Автор: Майя Блейк Аннотация:Owner of the Espiritu racing te ...
Anne Oliver. The Price of Fame
Название: The Price of Fame Автор: Anne Oliver Аннотация:Hiding from the paparazzi…in a se ...
CAROL MARINELLI. The Pregnant Registrar
Название: The Pregnant Registrar Автор: CAROL MARINELLI Аннотация:A family worth waiting f ...

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Элизабет Торнтон. Брачная ловушка
Название: Брачная ловушка / The Marriage Trap Автор: Элизабет Торнтон / Elizabeth Thornton Аннотация: Герой битвы при Ватерлоо и знаменитый дуэлян ...
Ирина Мазаева. Тетрис с холостяками
Название: Тетрис с холостяками Автор: Ирина Мазаева Аннотация: Женщина бежит, мужчина ее догоняет – вот старый проверенный способ благополучно дом ...
Элизабет Адлер. Богатые наследуют. Книга 2
Название: Богатые наследуют. Книга 2 / The Rich Shall Inherit Автор: Элизабет Адлер / Elizabeth Adler Аннотация: В этой книге читатель найдет окон ...
Мэхелия Айзекс. Хижина в раю
Название: Хижина в раю Автор: Мэхелия Айзекс Аннотация: Четыре долгих года Родриго Маркес ждал, чтобы отомстить молодой очаровательной англичанке, ...
Тереза Вейр. Лики зла
Название: Лики зла Автор: Тереза Вейр / Theresa Weir Аннотация: Когда Ларк случайно нашла в пруду труп убитой женщины, она еще не догадывалась, чт ...

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Karen Smith. The Most Eligible Doctor     Современные любовные романы
Karen Smith. The Most Eligible Doctor

Название: The Most Eligible Doctor

Автор: Karen Smith

Аннотация:SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER SEXY, MUCH OLDER BOSS…He was tall, dark and a hunk–typical reasons why Jed Sawyer was the talk of the town. And Nurse Brianne Barrington was the latest victim of his lethal charm. But while Brianne had a bad case of «my-Mr. Right syndrome,» the jaded older man was suffering from «can't commit-itis.»Jed knew better than to take what Brianne was offering. Besides, he'd vowed never to let anyone unshackle the chains around his heart. So how had a woman who believed in church weddings, white gowns and forever made mincemeat of his grand plan to keep things between them strictly professional?


Valerie Parv. The Monarch's Son     Современные любовные романы
Valerie Parv. The Monarch's Son

Название: The Monarch's Son

Автор: Valerie Parv

Аннотация:HE'D SAVED HER LIFEWhen the riptide unloosed her, Allie Carter washed ashore at the feet of Lorne de Marigny, monarch of Carramer. A prince unparalleled in handsomeness…and in having his desires fulfilled. And he demanded that Allie remain at his villa with him and his son.COULD SHE RESCUE A PRINCE?Acting as adorable Nori's companion silenced those who'd question Allie's relationship with the widower prince. But Allie needed to know why Lorne seemed so tortured. Why he rarely spoke of his wife, when his child so desperately wanted a mother. And if there was a place for her with Lorne and his son…THE CARRAMER CROWNOne by one, royal siblings discover passion more powerful than any monarchy.


Bonnie Winn. The Mommy Makeover     Современные любовные романы
Bonnie Winn. The Mommy Makeover

Название: The Mommy Makeover

Автор: Bonnie Winn

Аннотация:From power-suited businesswoman…Teaching the delectable Katelyn Amberst the ultimate lesson had been just a game to Finn–at first. He'd charmed his lovely employer into becoming his wife and mother to his precocious children. But Katelyn turned out to be more than mommy material…she was his every fantasy.To blushing bride?Her whirlwind marriage to gorgeous Finn had left many unanswered questions…such as what had possessed her to marry the single dad without one tender word between them? Her husband's eyes hinted at secrets–but they also spoke of a passion that could turn their hasty marriage into a loving match for all time.


Mindy Klasky. The Mogul's Maybe Marriage     Современные любовные романы
Mindy Klasky. The Mogul's Maybe Marriage

Название: The Mogul's Maybe Marriage

Автор: Mindy Klasky

Аннотация:His grandmother’s ultimatum was that he marry, not become a dad.So when physician Ethan Hartwell proposes to the one woman he’s never forgotten, he gets a two-for-one deal – Sloane’s pregnant with his child! Now Ethan has to tell Sloane his darkest secret…and turn her ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes’!


CATHERINE GEORGE. The Mistress of His Manor     Современные любовные романы
CATHERINE GEORGE. The Mistress of His Manor

Название: The Mistress of His Manor


Аннотация:A bride for Arnborough Hall When Joanna Logan meets gorgeous gardener March Aubrey he makes her heart flutter. But then she’s shocked to discover that not only does March manage the gardens of Arnborough Hall, he owns the entire estate! This changes everything for sensible Joanna – she can never consider being Lady Arnborough, and all the pressure that comes with the title.She must douse the flames of passion. But this lord wants her to be much more than just mistress of his manor…


Stella Bagwell. The Missing Maitland     Современные любовные романы
Stella Bagwell. The Missing Maitland

Название: The Missing Maitland

Автор: Stella Bagwell

Аннотация:He'd been in dangerous situations before…But Luke Maitland had never put another person at risk–until Blossom Woodward, the controversial TV reporter, happened into the line of fire meant for him. He had saved her life; then he'd had to take her with him into hiding.She called it kidnapping. She didn't trust the man who said his name was Larkin–and insisted that he was protecting her–one bit. Sure, he was kind and brave and…well…gorgeous and sexy, but he was lying through his teeth! She certainly couldn't be falling in love with him, a man whose real name she didn't even know–could she?


Robyn Donald. The Mirror Bride     Современные любовные романы
Robyn Donald. The Mirror Bride

Название: The Mirror Bride

Автор: Robyn Donald

Аннотация:THE MARRIAGE MAKER"A mirror marriage, picture perfect but insubstantial, a mere reflection of the real thing." In marrying Drake Arundell, Olivia Nicholls will secure Simon's future… and condemn her own!Though she yearns for a «real» marriage with Drake, too many secrets, too many lies stand between them and the love, the passion, the substance she longs for in their relationship – but then, perhaps she has a guardian angel on her side!THE MARRIAGE MAKER – Can a picture from the past bring love to the present?


Barbara Hannay. The Mirrabrook Marriage     Современные любовные романы
Barbara Hannay. The Mirrabrook Marriage

Название: The Mirrabrook Marriage

Автор: Barbara Hannay

Аннотация:Sarah Rossiter has been in love with rugged cattle station owner Reid McKinnon for years. They'd been happy together until Reid suddenly broke things off–leaving Sarah puzzled and heartbroken.In fact, Reid had discovered something that made him swear never to be a husband or father. Now, when Sarah decides–reluctantly–to start a new life away from Star Valley, Reid knows he must act or risk losing her forever. But will she still be willing to marry him once she knows the dark secrets his family has hidden…?


Sandra Marton. The Millionaire's Snowbound Seduction     Современные любовные романы
Sandra Marton. The Millionaire's Snowbound Seduction

Название: The Millionaire's Snowbound Seduction

Автор: Sandra Marton


Angie Ray. The Millionaire's Reward     Современные любовные романы
Angie Ray. The Millionaire's Reward

Название: The Millionaire's Reward

Автор: Angie Ray



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